Hands up if you are someone who is suffering from acne, oily or blemish prone skin like me. Tired of breakouts? Getting rid of acne is like going on a roller coaster; despite how diligent you are using acne medication every day, you will be back to the breaking out phase when hormones and stress kick in. Sounds despairing? If the answer is yes, then you might be doing it wrong.

I always feel skeptical when buying serum for my skin as they might not just work. Things do get a little tricky when applying serums to acne-prone skin because they may leave the skin feeling sticky, greasy and heavy while choosing the right serum can be a game changer to your skin. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you are using the correct product that will work well with your skin rather than exacerbating a certain skin problem.

Talking about Modest, it is absolutely affordable for anyone to try, there is zero exaggeration on how their products are formulated, a simple package design, their product name is just the main ingredients plus the percentage rather than something fancy and most importantly, no harmful ingredients are added to any of their products. I therefore decode Modest as, the secret key to healthy and glowing skin is to stick to the basic ingredients and nourish the skin with what it needs.

Back to the acne problem, if you are on the verge of giving up, why not give Mandelic Acid 5% + HA serum a try? It is packed with good stuffs, really gentle to your skin and it has now become my “go-to” serum whenever I am on my cycle or if I feel a little bump under my skin. So, what is it actually and what can it do to your skin? First things first, Mandelic Acid will not cause irritation or redness to your skin as it is a milder form of AHA, derived from bitter almond. (If you are a nut lover, you will not be unfamiliar with its scent). This serum targets breakouts as well as pores, blackhead, hyperpigmentation and helps with decongestion. It is super light-weight, absorbs fast, easy to layer and compatible with any skincare routine.

Moreover, one bottle of Mandelic Acid 5% + HA serum not only deals with acne or blemish problems, but it also acts as a potent barrier against skin ageing. With Mandelic Acid, it can accelerate skin cell turnover, remove dead skin and minimise fine lines.

After applying this serum on my skin for roughly 14 days, there is a significantly reduction in pores, sebum production in my t-zone area and overall improvement in skin texture. And finally, I can now say bye-bye to layers of concealer and hello to my bare skin.

By Jacqueline Li