1. Do you do animal testing?

  • No. To reduce animal suffering and to be cruelty-free, modest does not do any animal testing on animals, nor does modest work with suppliers who perform animal testing.

2. Can I apply multiple serums in one skincare routine?

  • Yes! This is called serum layering, the act of applying several serums at a time on top of each other to harness the benefits of a range of varied ingredients if you can’t find them all in one bottle. Serum layering can also maximize results, making each serum more potent.

3. How many serums can I use in one skincare routine?

  • We recommend a maximum of three serums in one skincare routine.

4. What is the sequence of serum layering?

  • According to certified dermatologists, applying your skincare products in the correct order ensures your skin receives the full benefits of each product. As a rule of thumb, always apply serums with the thinnest consistency, for example water-based serums, to the thickest consistency, for example oil-based serums.

5. Modest has so many products and I do not know how to choose. Can you recommend products that are suitable for my skin?

  • Sure! You can submit an enquiry on our contact us page. Please make sure you let us know what your skin concerns are, your current daily skincare routine and any other special habits or lifestyle that you have. This will help us recommend the best product(s) for you.

6. How can I get in touch with your service team?

  • Our service team is based in Hong Kong. To get in touch, please submit an enquiry on our contact us page. We will respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.

7. I am interested in distribution of and collaboration with modest. How can I start?

  • We definitely welcome more partners around the globe to join us! Please submit an enquiry on our contact us page. We will reply as soon as possible.